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My website was left public and was crawled.  Google, yahoo, etc crawled it.  My site is now public.  How do I request that Yahoo, Bing, etc, clear that content?  How long does it take them to make the changes?
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You don't request them to clear it really, the changes will update the in the next cycle. How long that is varies, and is based upon how often you get crawled, and how long ago it was updated. How often you get crawled is in part based upon how popular your site it. No solid number. I have seen updates hit withing a few days to a few weeks.

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This will help you track your site crawl status.
You can request your cached copy in Google to be removed here:
It could take weeks or months depending on how often your site is crawled.  Start getting some decent links to your site and it will happen sooner rather than later.

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