Samsung FP-T5884 and PS3 grainy image

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got a Samsung FP-T5884 - 58 inch full 1080p wide screen hooked up to a ps3 using a hdmi 1.3 cable and some movies look very grany. anyone know what settings i can adjust to fix that?
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Are they blu-ray movies or standard dvd movies?
Try a newer HDMI cable I belive they have HDMI 2.0 now if not connect the one you have now to the HDMI 1 on your tv.


Its blue rays movies. i will see if i can try one of those cables..
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tried all i can but still is grany
You can try this with your tv on press menu button on remote control then goto picture press enter then goto digital NR you will have choice to turn off or on choose ON press enter button then press exit.
 Try movie again.
Sorry if the word ON is not there choose auto
You will also see a setting called xvYCC it may only be available when you select movie mode but either way turn it ON

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