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I have a weird problem. My powerpoint 2007 slide show does not auto advance. I have two presentations; Presentation1 and Presentation2. Presentation2 consists of 60 slides which need to auto advance every second. Presentation1 contatins 20 slides that are to be advance on click.

As it is seperate the auto advance feature in Presentation2 works fine. But when I import Presentation2 into Presentation1, the auto advance feature does not work. I dont know why.

I ahave inserted Presentation2 in middle of Presentation1, at slide 15 if that is rlevant.
I Opened Presentation1, then on the Home Tab, I click New Slide and selected Resuse slides. and in the "Insert slides from" text field I entered Presentation2 and imported all of its slides to Presentation1.

After I click on slide 15 and it adcances to slide 16, (which is set to autoadvance after 1 second) and just stops.

I dont knwo why it is doing this, presentation2 by itself auto advances just fine, though when i import it to presentation1 it does not respond to auto advances.

Thank you in advance for any help, as it is urgent.
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Maybe timing is messed when you insert the slides..

From (Slide Show Tab --> Set Up Slide Show --> Advance Slides)  make sure (Using timing, if present)
And from (Animations Tab) -> Advance Slide (for the slides you want to automatically advance, make sure it says (Automatically After: the time you want)) for the rest of the slides, make sure it is not checked.. (Only on mouse click is checked)

Hope this could help :)
John WilsonCEO PowerPoint Alchemy

I can repro this. Maybe a bug.

You can copy/paste the slides inwhich seems to keep the transition times OR after reuse slides select all the slides to transition automatically, tick auto transition and 1 sec in the Transition tab. DO NOT click apply to all.


(Using timing, if present)...that did the trick.

Thank You.

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