Windows Media Center Store Manager - AVG 8.5 - How to shut off intrusion - what else at risk

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Vista Home Premium running Windows Media Center and AVG 8.5

Windows Media Center Store Manager Service keeps intruding by trying to contact its server over internet - causing AVG 8.5 to plop a big dialog box over whatever I am working on to ask for instructions.  I could just instruct AVG 8.5 to "always allow the communication" back to WMC server, or to "always block" the communication, but not sure what else this service is doing.

If it is just WMC gathering information from my computer in order to know what to try and sell me, I would like to cut it off.  If I want to buy music I do it through iTunes and the Apple Store, and even that only very rarely.  In fact, I rarely use WMC at all, though that may change if I become more familiar with it.

Instead of using options in AVG 8.5 dialog box, would it be better to go into the Windows Services window and disable some of Windows Media center services?  If so, should I go to "entended" window or "standard" window?

There are 4 different WMC services listed in "extended" window:  "Windows Media Center Extender Service"; "Windows Media Center Receiver Service"; " Windows Media Center Scheduler Service" ;" Windows Media Center Service Launcher".  Not sure what each does.  Do not want to cut off more functionality than necessary.

Same 4 services under "standard" tab, plus Windows Media PLAYER network sharing center.  
Under this "standard" tab, no obvious button to "disable" the service.

Would appreciate a brief education as to what these services do and how to best deal with them.  

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Basically, the majority of those allow the Media Center to act as an Extender across the network, like to another PC, or to an XBox. If you dont use the Media Center except for teh local box, then I wouldnt worry about keeping them enabled.
As for it going outbound, it might be trying to accumulate licenses, AlbumArt etc.... Various data that goes along with a piece of music/movie.
When I first started using WMC, I was not a fan of it because it wanted to Index every piece of media that was on my PC. I found it very intrusive, and slow. Havent used it much as of late, but I know that since you dont hardly use it, I doubt you are utilizing it to it's fullest, so you should be safe.....
Only one way to be sure though... Disable the services and see for your self, if you are missing any functionality.....



Thanks for reply. I'll do just that..  Just wanted to getr some idea of whether any of those services are needed for any other Microsoft  programs

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