Seagate Dropped Raid 5 Drive Not Detectable in any PC 3Ware 9650SE

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I had a seagate drive fail in a RAID5 with a 3ware 9560se, the drive dropped out, got it to rebuild dropped out again, I left it brought the server down a couple of weeks after and replaced the drive did a full clean and recabled. After booting up a new drive failed. So I replaced the new HD with the old one to see if it saw  it.  It saw the one that has been out for a couple weeks but the data is no good as ive written to the drive.  The drive that failed most recently seems to have a bad board maybe.  I dont hear any mechanical problems when it powers on but I haven't been able to get the drive to detect on the RAID card or on build in controllers JMICRON and INTEL Bios hangs but sees no drive after a bit.  Any advice on recover? I have another drive with that same firmware if i did a board swap after backing that one up, could that work?
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I would start with a new drive in raid iand rebuild the raid.
if unable to rebuild raid you could try changing with the same raid card.
if that does not work you could use a software called RAID Reconstructor from



Can't rebuild and the drive is not detectable in any computer or my backup raid card.
the drive you are using is bad you are going to insert a new dirve of same type of close to same size.
then try to rebuild using the raid hardware option.

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Are these Seagate 1TB drives with SD15 firmware?  They and a few other models have had problems noted by a number of people:  If they are, contact Seagate about a replacement.

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