pctcore.sys problem

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how can I get rid of pctcore.sys. it keeps bsod my computer. I've attacked it with about 6 different products to no avail.
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I would download a progam call drweb live cd and burn the image to cd http://www.freedrweb.com/livecd then boot off the cd and clean out your system

After drweb goes throught your system you should be about to boot normal if not try safemode and running malwarebytes. http://www.malwarebytes.org/


The file pctcore.sys doesn't appear to be a threat. Have a look here:


Moreover, if you feel that it is a threat, then please upload onto www.virustotal.com for a virus scan and let us know, how many antiviruses flag it as a threat.

Hope it helps.
Could you please send me a HijackThis log of your system as well to find out what background processes are running that could have caused the BSOD? It can be downloaded from:


You might have a conflicting application that isn't added in the allowed list of PC Tools Antivirus most likely.
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per warturtle's request, a hijackthis.log is appended.
Aha, I see.. thanks for sending the log. It seems that you have 2 programs - COMODO Internet Security and Spyware Doctor that are running the active background shields and that could be what is causing the problems. To solve this problem, do the following:

Open Spyware Doctor settings: and check the option that says 'enable kernel compatibility mode' and restart your PC (this mode allows the Spyware Doctor to work with any other real-time access application like Comodo Internet Security in your case). If you still get the BSOD, then open settings again and click on 'Global Action List' and add the Comodo Internet Security programs there and click on 'Allow' and make it 'Permanent'.

Try that and see what happens. If you can do the similar thing in Comodo and add the Spyware Doctor as a trusted application, it should work out perfectly as well.

I use the PC Tools INternet Security and had the same problem and went out shopping for solution as well and that is what resolved my problem.

Hope it helps.
One more thing, you have 2 firewalls running in the background - you might want to remove one of them. Comodo Internet Security provides both antivirus and firewall. And there is also PC Tools Firewall Plus. You can either remove the Comodo Firewall or PC Tools Firewall.

There should be 1 antivirus + 1 antispyware + 1 firewall in a computer for protection.
Any updates on the issue?


there is no second firewall. i am using only comodo av. i did make the changes i could on comodo and pctools. problem has not reoccurred yet.
Thats good stuff!! I am pretty sure that the problem shouldn't show up anymore now, because it was happening due to a conflict between 2 active background shield applications. Lets keep a watch for sometime then.

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