Is it possible to write a Perl one-liner to process a line data?

jl66 used Ask the Experts™
Have a file containning a line of data with two huge numbers as follows:
A:    123456789012   234567890123
Would like to get:
A:    117738     223701
where 117738 = 123456789012/1024/1024 and 223701= 234567890123/1024/1024
The module Math::BigInt may be needed.
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sorta one line.

I put your one line in a file called "n"
I put the code in a file called

I ran "perl n"

and got
117738 223701

It appears from your example you wanted rounding.
$_ = <>; split; print int($_[0] / 1024 / 1024 + .5), " ", int($_[1] / 1024 / 1024 + .5), "\n";

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perl -e '$_ = <>; split; print int($_[0] / 1024 / 1024 + .5), q( ), int($_[1] / 1024 / 1024 + .5), qq(\n);' < path_to_file

That's just Kevin_u's code, re-quoted to work as a one-liner proper, and using a redirect to get the file to the program, since <> will also accept STDIN, not just command line specified files.

I didn't vet Kevin's code for viability in general.  My sole contribution was in making this into a true one-liner as you'd asked for.
perl -lape '$_=join" ",map{int(.5+$_/1024/1024)}@F' input_file


perl -pe 's,(\d+),int(.5+$1/1024/1024),ge' input_file

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Replace file1.txt with your file name.
perl -Mbignum -ane '$_=int($_/1024/1024+.5) for @F[1..2];print "@F\n"' file1.txt

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The -Mbignum will make sure this works even if you have larger numbers.

use strict;
open (IN,"test.txt") or die;
open (OUT,">test_out.txt") or die;
my @a=split (/\s+/,<IN>);
foreach (@a){
   print int($_). "\n";
   print OUT int($_). "\n";

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