wireless card not sending packets

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On a Dell computer, I have installed wireless drivers in an effort to use this computer wirelessly. I had reloaded the os and it is now working Ok, updated to Sp 3, everything ok except the Wireless card. I have down loaded from Dell several drivers, but it will not send packets,  I can ping, no problem.  can not get answer from gateway or other Hosts.
What can I do, Please help.

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You state as your problem that "it will not send packets".  That is a pretty broad description when trying to diagnose network issues.

 Is the wireless card recognized by the computer in the device manager?  Are you connecting OK to a wireless router?  If so what IP address do you get?

I think the best thing to do is determine if the card is installed properly first with all the right drivers.  Once you verify this then we could move on to the network issues.  
Check out this article

I wrote one for Dell laptops also, with some information that was specific to laptops, but apparently the one for laptops was deleted since it 'looked like' the one for desktop computers.

Could you clarify what part of that answer was the solution, please?
Maybe you did in the grading comments, but those aren't visible to everyone... if someone searches a similar problem and finds this in the database it would be more-helpful to know which part of the selected solution actually got your wireless working.

Thanks.  :-)

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