PHP - Bind results from mySQL to datagrid and show to user.

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I have a number of rows returned to the users from the database.

Is there anyway i can use something like .net datagrid.databind?

I have achieved outputting the results using table but it just doesent look nice.

Any advice?

I found form the internet that i need to buy something like this:

Any advice?
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I've used, which is a jQuery plugin, and have been pretty happy with it. It takes a little tweaking, but has a lot of examples. It essentially runs off of JSON data, which is easily created from MySQL recordsets, and you can script updates so that they save back to the server. It's a really flexible and extensible script.

I thoroughly reccomend i have implemented it successfully on php, and .net based sites.

As pointed out it uses jQuery, and so is a tool that you can deploy on any site regardless of it's undelying architecture.

I also assist with it's development from time-to-time too when I can spare the time with it's creator.

@BrrianMM - you assist with its development? Nice. Now I have another contact to pester if I have questions about the guts of it. :)


Hi All,

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry but i am out of coutry at the moment, can give me another 1 week before getting back to Singapore to test it out? So sorry. Will award the points accordingly then.

Thanks for the advice!

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