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we have a few machines HP DC7600 DVD Rom that can read audio cds, dvds, but not those empty CD-R or DVD-R disks...
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but not those empty CD-R or DVD-R disks... << empty discs don't read, but you should get a panel opening up asking what you want to do
 in the panel is a list of  AUTO Play options.
attached image of panel
Then r/click the DVD rom drive in my computer properties check the auto play for blank CD/DVD
attached image



when i put in the disk, it doesn't give me the option blank disk.. i check with HP and they say the DVD ROM can't burn CD, can only read.  find it hard to believe...
HP Compaq dc7600 Business PC a small form factor
Looks like your out of luck they gave you rom drive not a burner explains why you get this.
Is this a work PC?
A dvd burner combo opens a blank disc with options to write to it/
 "always prompt me" on the dvd/CD discs in the panel will offer wmp or your media player if there is files onbaord the disc
But with no burner it will do nothing because it cannot do anything with a blank disc

You could  ask your boss if you can buy a dvd burner and replace this rom drive. your slimline system will support it. They are pretty cheap to buy and bundle with teh software if you look for thiese burners.
But maybe the firm will think you could use a burner for the wrong reason not a good idea at work

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