email problem  Exchange Svr / SBS 2003

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I have a gap in my knowledge of Exchange Server in SBS 2003
and would appreciate some help.
Client has 6 email addresses forwarded from ISP where they are directed to
individual user folders. 1 of these accounts has just started to
have all emails rejected as undelivered.

 The account is present in server.
 The account appears in the users "member of" in AD.
 The logs show emails being received by the server
 The log then shows a reply as undelivered being sent immediately
 All users can receive emails from other accounts

I don't know where to find account settings for distribution etc.
All help greatly appreciated
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This is a little hard to understand.  Let me get the mailflow correctly -- please correct me so I can understand a little better.
incoming emails-->ISP --[Forwards]--->SBS2003<--->User's Outlook
Question 1: how is it forwarded? Or do you mean the SBS server uses POP connector to get the mailbox from ISP?   If you're using POP connector, it maybe because you have not created an email box on the ISP's server for this problem user's address.
Question 2:
problem user------[send]--->recipient = NDR (non delievery return)
or is it
sender ---[send]---->problem users = NDR?


Yes it is using POP connector.
It is one email account shared by most users
it worked for years then stopped.
Flow; ISP send to SBS.....SBS log shows received....then NDR
I will come back with more specific log locations when I can login to the server
If you're pop3 then ISP is not fowarding anything.  Your server is picking up the email from the ISP.

I still need question 2 answered
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Hi I'm back
Sorry if I seem slow but studying text books have confused me a little
I don't really understand Q2, so have attached a snippet of the SBS log of a failed email.
Plus this morning discovered local delivery gives error messagr stating delivery failed becouse two
recipients have the same email address.
Q1  where would I look for this
Q2 where are the account settings I don't seem to be able to find them
it's quite simple if you look at the diagram for Q2.

problem user------[send]--->recipient = NDR (non delievery return):
Is the problem user sending a recipient, and then that user get a non-delivery?

sender ---[send]---->problem users = NDR?
A sender (this could be inside or outside your organization/email system) sending the problem recipient(user) and they received the NDR?


Scenario 2 is the problem.
and yes local and outside emails fail

Solved it myself after a lost weekend. Customer bossman making nasty noises re losing business.
I had a eureka moment and decided that the problem was damaged distribution group. I deleted it but then went through hours of finding entries of that damned email address.

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