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After connecting to a RD Web Access page and logging into the domain, both the 'Remote Apps' and 'Remote Desktop' tab appear.

Though able to connect to a  'Remote Apps', when I enter a domains computer name for  a 'Remote Desktop' connection I receive a message to the effect the remote computer cannot be found.

I enter the same name as I use in an Remote Desktop Client.

How do I modify the parameters - gateway, credentials,...etc - being used in the RD Web 'Remote Desktop' tab?


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If you are accessing the Remote Session from a machine that is not a member of the same domain you should use the following format to speak to your remote machine:
If this doesn't work, attempt a connection using the machine's IP address. If this works, you have an issue with your DNS server.
Remember that you will not be able to access Remote Machine inside a NAT network from outside the network. (AKA: you cannot open a remote session to a machine at work behind a NAT router from your HOME's internet connection if you do not have a working VPN connection).

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