Reporting Services Login Username And Password.

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Hi Experts.
I am new to SSRS .I am using SSRS 2005. When i deploy a reports in reportserver http://localhost/Reports . It is asking UserName and Password? I have tried all the Possibilities.But still It is Asking . Please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in Advance.
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if the report is asking for a username and a password probably the datasource hasn't been setup propperly..

normally the username / password are necessary to contact the datasource.


Hi p nuts,
In that datasource I have Connected with SQL Authentication user name and password then In that Credential have set a specific username and password . Here what is the problem? Can u please help me. what i wants to do to set datasource properly.


Make sure your target server URL  http://localhost/ReportServer  when you want to deploy  it is "Reportserver"  to access to http://localhost/Reports
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Hi expects,
Sorry i am new to Reporting. I have one doubt,can i deploy a report in either http://localhost/Report Server or http://localhost/Reports? Can u please tell me sugesstion about this reporting services login?
You should deploy the report to the folder in SSRS that you want the report to be.
For your login, you should configure the datasouce used in the report to use the right credentials.
1.  Use localhost/Reports
2. Click on the Show Details (attached screen s1)
3.  Select your Data Source and edit it - this will open up a screen (attached screen s2)
4.  Make sure you have selected either Windows integrated security or Credentials stored securely in the report server - play with this - you will find success.


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