How to highlight selected text in PDF file and create book marks

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For our application, we need a feature for highlighting text and creating bookmark in PDF file. The interface is going to be like this.

There is an embedded (OLE) IE explorer in the bottom half of the application. In this browser, the PDF file is displayed. User will select a text using the mouse. We need to highlight that text in light yellow color and also need to create a bookmark over there. I need the solution in C++ or Javascript.

Can you please suggest a solution that is either free or less than $200.
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Assuming you want to create bookmarks in the reader, check this API reference You can add/modify/delete bookmarks using Adobe Javascript


I am aware of this solution. I think, this solution should be used only for non-commercial use. Can we use it for commercial use as well?

If this is not the solution, what other solution is feasible?

"I think, this solution should be used only for non-commercial use" -> Adobe Javascript API can not be used for commercial uses???? Could you explain what you really meant by that?

Also, I'm curious to know what your other approach is. You mind sharing it?
shore-support, I was hoping you would post clarifications. rather accepted my posting as a solution and awarded a 'B' grade!!!

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