Remove "diagnostic information for administrators" section of NDR messages

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Is it possible to remove the "diagnostic information for administrators" from the DSN messages sent by exchange 2007 to internal users?  I turned on "Recipient Filtering" to stop sending the message to external users.  Now, for example, if they send an email to a full mailbox external users receive no indication that the mail was not delivered.  Ideally, I would like to remove this section from both internal and external messages and just send a generic message with contact information.
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theres no feature which can achieve the NDR content hiding in the exchange 2007 natively

try this workaround:

1.       Set a transport rule to redirect all NDR to a specific mailbox

2.       If what you consider is security, you can disable NDR for external on the Hub

Set-RemoteDomain "Default" -NdrEnabled $false

3.       If what you consider is the size of NDR, you can disable the attachment of original message in it on the Hub and Edge

Set-TransportServer -id Servername -ExternalDsnMaxMessageAttachSize  0

Set-TransportServer -id Servername -InternalDsnMaxMessageAttachSize  0


If redirect all the NDR messages to specific mailbox, is there a way to have them resent from that box with the diagnostic information in the body stripped out?  Or, would this just stop the message from going to external users?  I have already stopped NDR from being delivered to external users.  I would like my internal users to still be notified of the non-delivery, just without the diagnostic information.
based on my research  there is no way which can achieve the NDR content hiding in the exchange 2007 natively

but check this :
Thanks fatnasa2010,
I had already read that.  That article will modify everything above the administrator diagnostic information.  After consulting with an expert, unless you use third party software, there is no way to modifiy the diagnostic information, only remove it completely.

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