Migrating MS Project Server 2007 to different domain

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We've got a project where we're required to migrate everything from AD to another.
There's a 2-way trust between the domains and a 1-way sync handled by Quest Migration Manager.

Does anyone have experiences migrating MS Project Server (12 or 2007) across domains?

QMM would gladly handle Sharepoints, SQLs, MSCS (clustering) but not Project Server or Dynamics.

Buying another server is currently out of the question but can be explored if there's no other options.
I suspect it'll be a simple domain change on the server and potentially some other config related issues...

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I only assigned 250 points to start with because I've only got 500 points and I have 2 questions to ask ;)

Ah wells, throwing in the whole 500 ;)

I am not familiar with MS Project server, but I am familiar with QMM migrations and how they work.  Where does MS Project store the information regarding rights?

Is your problem one of moving the machine?  I would think thke machine would move just fine, but the rights that are assigned would be the problem.

As I recall, MS Project Server does NOT recognize SID History... so some sort of re-acl would be needed.


Michael Gastright


Hi Gastrig,

You've at least confirmed my thoughts. The access control list is stored within the application / DB itself so will need to be remediated first (i.e. append equivalent AD accounts on new domain into the ACL).

The server can be migrated independently (but sequentially) either before or after the QMM migration. I guess I'd suggest the ACL to be updated prior to the server migration.

You'd hope QMM will handle PS / Dynamics, etc., just as it does with SQL / Share point eh? ;)


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