Linux traffic shaper, logger by IP on LAN

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I'm trying to setup my network in this way:
PC (eth0, eth1), OS - Linux (maybe OpenSuse)

ETH0 - internet with some IP
ETH1 - LAN with IP
There are many router's on LAN with static IP's, let's say,

Is there a good example, how to split internet traffic to LAN IP's and have graphical presentation by IP?
I understand that I need to use something with TC and MRTG, but visual interface would be nice to have. I also need priorities on some port's, maybe some port forwards.
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You might want to take a look at ntop ( ) or cacti Cacti is the more robust of the tools, but it might be a little overwhelming. ntop will work best in my opinion. As for traffic shaping, you'd need to implement that on your network routers. They should have QoS tools in them to enable you to assign higher priorities to certain ports.
I think I'll try debian + webHTB + trafflogger or something like that. But so far it was no luck, need something like tutorial :-(

I'm not familiar with that solution, but rather than search for tutorials it'd be best to read the documentation so you can become familiar with how the program works. There should be an INSTALL file in the downloaded file that gives instructions on how to install and configure trafflogger.

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