Exchange 2003: Forward all mail accounts to one mailbox for 3 weeks

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I have a customer that got an exchange 2003 server with about 10 users. These users also got mail aliases. Now the customer because of vacation wants all mail adresses to be forwarded to the managers mailbox for 3 weeks. How can that be done easily??

Regards, Steffen
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Hmmm what a strange request.with 10 users I wouldnt bother doing anything fancy. Just goto the user properties in active directory users and computers, exchange general, delivery options and select forward to and the user.

Probably would take 10 minutes if that.


OKay I'l ltry - but yes very strange request.... An Out off office could have done the job - but that wasn't good enough
  1.  Open the Active Directory Users And Computers management console.
   2. Select the appropriate user account object.
   3. Right-click the user account object, and select Properties from the shortcut menu.
   4. Click the Exchange General tab.
   5. Click Delivery Options.
   6. In the Forwarding Address area, click the Forward To.
   7. Click Modify.
   8. Specify the name of the user that messages should be forwarded to and then click OK.
   9. If you want each of the mailboxes to receive new messages, enable the Deliver Messages To Both Forwarding Address And Mailbox checkbox.
  10. If you only want the forwarding mailbox to receive new messages, ensure that the Deliver Messages To Both Forwarding Address And Mailbox checkbox is clear (not selected)
  11. Click OK.

if you want to forward for external user  check this:
Yeah i was just typing that maybe they should be using Out of Office with the managers email address for urgent matters.  

Yeah something for 10 users and since its a one off really it is better to do it manually. I am sure you could script somethig but it is bound to take longer testing and making sure it works.


Done - it working thanks :)

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