How do i know if a raid disk has gone bad

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I have two pcs used in a test lab.
Both use asus motherboards (p5n32-e and p6t ws).
Both have three 500gb sata drives in raid 5 arrays.
Both raid arrays were created with bios.
One machine is running Windows 7 RC the other Windows Server 2008 R2 RC.
How can I tell if one of the raid disks has gone bad, apart from rebooting the machine and watching Bios messages?

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You need the software that came with the RAID controller/Motherboard - they should "talk" to the RAID controller and be able to alert you if a drive has failed.  REALLY CHEAP RAID controllers may not offer that ability.
Firstly check the event log, you should start getting disk related errors..

Not to mention the effect on performance..
Since you mention that the arrays have been created in BIOS I assume you use the on board Intel controller.
Intel offers a free utility called the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, you can download the software for your OS at:
Good Luck


Thanks MGBaur,
I was able to get Matrix Storage Manager working on the windows 7 box.

The other box is running
"Windows Server 2008 RC standard core 64bit" and the raid comes from nvidia nforce 680i SLI. I found a driver, but its more complex in core installations.
I will post a subsidary question seperateley. Thanks again for  

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