DLLNotFoundException in C# runtime

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I got a DLLNotFound Exception when I ran my C# program, the DLL is n the \Windows\System32\

and I have wrapper functions being used.  Is there other configuration i need to be do to access functions withing the dll.

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
namespace TS_GlobalVariables
    public class TS
        [DllImport("GlobalVariable.dll", EntryPoint = "GV_SetInteger")]
        public static extern int GV_SetInteger(int iLocation, int iVal);

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For standard "C" DLLs, the search path is all that's required. It should work. Do you think that DLL uses another DLL that's not being found?

What I'd do is use the trusty SysInternals Process Monitor to find out which DLL is not found. This should make short work of the problem.

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