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terminal services gateway server is temporarily unavailable

andreacadia used Ask the Experts™
I am receiving that error when trying to connect to the TS web access externally.

i have the ts gateway running on the same box as the terminal server itself.  I cannot connect to the TS Web access from external.  i have an SSL certificate install on the TS gateway.  Can some provide proper setting here so i can see where i'm going wrong.

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Couple of things you should check...
a. Are you able to browse to https://servername/rpc - it should prompt you for password.
b. Do you have the server cert in your client's trusted root cert store.
c. check TSGateway service on server - is it running? Try restarting the service.
d. Your client and server is 64 bit or 32 bit?

Have you set the default gateway on the terminal services client. If the client doesn't have this information, it seems that it's not able to send anything to the TS gateway even if this one is on the same subnet and DSN resolution works fine


answers to your questions:

a. internally yes, externally no.  i get a 404 error
b. the SSL cert is a godaddy.com cert.  is this still necessary?
c. yes its running
d. ts gateway server is 64 bit Server2k8 STD and I am trying from both a Vista 64bit and an XP 32bit (with the correct rdp version) to no avail

where does the default gateway setting get configured?

some other things i notice:
When the ts gateway server is not installed, internall acces to the TS Web works fine.  as soon as the ts gateway is installed i have problems internally and externally

Sounds like the ts gateway, specify the specific location, this should do it. Don't use auto detect.
we ended going with a different solution