Powerbuilder Datawindow Report performance Issue

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I have a report designed in Powerbuilder using datawindow source as SQL. This report retrieves fast in 5 seconds in development PCs. The same report takes 4 mins to retrieve in QA PCs. We all connect to same database and server.
What could be the issue?

Is it a local desktop configuration perofrmance issue? OR local Sybase cleint protocols issue?
Any Ideas?

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its depend upon the data...compare to QA PCs may be less data available in ur development PCs that wise it will take time. check the plan and use the proper hints or rebuild ur index...


Test criteria is same, means test conditions,volume of data, database,server connections all same.
Infact we all connect to the same QA environment, no difference in connections and volume of data.

Sounds like a client side issue.  QA clients may have more software running in the background slowing the rate of data transfer.  Did you have a QA staff member try to use a dev PC and vice versa to verify it is truly a client issue and not a user issue.

You could also try your queries direct using something outside of PB such as toad, sql navigator or other comparable tool to see if it behaves any different.

When you run on Dev PC are you running in the IDE or the EXE.  Should not make any difference but occasionally it may.

Are you dynamically handling anything though any sort of configuration file which may treat users differently.

You also try to re-analyze your tables if using oracle which could speed things up.  Your DBA should know how to optimize.

However, from your descriptions I believe it is a client side issue and the QA PCs are less powerful and/or have a lot more QA type stuff loaded causing the slowness.



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