Trying to remove virtual exchange 2003 server - c103f492 Error

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We're in the process of removing all our Exchange 2003 Clustered servers. We've trying to remove one of the virtual servers but we keep getting the message that:

"One or more users currently have a mailbox store on this server... etc"

When we do a search in AD for all users with the their exchange home server set to this particular virtual server it only comes up with 3 SystemMailboxes. From articles that i've read its okay to leave these alone. I've even tried disabling these accounts but the server still wont remove. Any ideas?
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I'm not sure if im understanding it correctly but it looks as though the 2nd article you posted is geared towards the removal of exchange 2003 rather than the removal of a virtual clustered instance of exchange? Is the procedure the same then?
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check the HomeMDDBL attribute via adsiedit.msc
steps are

Click on Run - ADSIEDIT.msc
Expand Configuration
Expand Services
Expand Microsoft Exchange
Expand The organization
Expand First Administrative Group
Expand Servers
Expand this server name
Expand First Storage Group
Right click the mailbox store and then properties

in the propertes check the value of HomeMDDBL
this will give you the names of the mailboxes that are in the store.
if the server had multiple stores, you need to check this for all.


Hi rakesh

After checking the homeMDDBL there are a couple of mailboxes listed that aren't SystemMailboxes, when i try and remove them from here i get an error saying that the attribute cannot be modified because it is owned by the system..?
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you can't remove from adsiedit.msc
they need to be removed from ADUC

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