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Silverlight DataGrid with checkboxes

knopr used Ask the Experts™
My Silverlight 3 application contains a DataGrid with checkboxes. These checkboxes require two clicks to check or uncheck them. One to activate/select the row and the second the check or uncheck. How can I reduce this to one click? Is it for instance possible to activate the row on the mouseover event?
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In your Datagrid create a MouseLeftButtonUp event.

private void DataGrid1_MouseLeftButtonUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
    //Specify the column location of the checkbox 
    int cbCol = 0;
    if (DataGrid1.CurrentColumn == DataGrid1.Columns[cbCol]){
      CheckBox cb= (DataGrid1.CurrentColumn.GetCellContent(DataGrid1.SelectedItem) as CheckBox);
       //Check or uncheck the checkbox         
       cb.IsChecked = !cb.IsChecked;

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Thanks Craig, exactly what I needed.