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We're a small business distributing car parts. We're in the middle of implementing a system so that our account customers can place and check orders online. This obviously involves a connection to a our stock ordering server, currently the only firewall we have is one through a Draytech router. Firstly, do we need something more substantial? Secondly, what do you recommend?
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I have seen a lot of the DrayteK ADSL Router / Firewall solutions in sites I have visited.  Whilst I have never installed or support edthe DrayTek's they seem to be very popular with some It support staff.  

However for the Small Office / Home (SOHO) market I always use Sonicwall Firewalls which seperate your router from your firewall and give sound perimter secuirty.  Thats my personal preference mind, and you always stick to what you know best dont you?

I would suggest speaking to the development company who is implementing the solution for you and
see what they recommend.   If they are going to support your new system, they too will have a solution in place that they feel comfortable with, especially if they offer remote support assistance.

If they have already suggested this, and you are simply querying the need to change your current solution, I would take their advice.  Sometimes its easy to think they are just sticking the arm in as it where, but do not take security lightly, especially were monies are moving about.

Best of luck...

Aroogaa made some good points.

I too recommend a SonicWall solution in this situation. An alternative would be a Cisco ASA. On top of all the points Aroogaa made both SonicWall and Cisco are very popular and widley supported so if you do run into an issue support defenitly out there.


Sonic it is.

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