monitoring users url vists, port mirroring?

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hi all,

im after a solution to monitor all url visits from users on the network

i have a cisco 877 that i could set up port mirroring on? then send the data to our server and use an application to find out what users are doing?

ive googled til my hearts content and found so many different things that do different things, but i dont know where to go with

i just want for example
UserName | URls |Time
John Smith | | 12:50pm
John Smith | | 12:51pm


thanks for any help
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did you think of setting up a proxy server?

free proxy is a good stable free application and has allot of features and full logging capability
Cisco 877 router supports port mirroring. All you need to do is:
1. Set a span port on cisco 877.
2. Deploy some monitoring software, like websense

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I would recommend SurfControl.
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so far i have tried GFI web monitor, and looked into websense and trend micro
websense is too big for us at 250 to 250,000 i only need it for 30

i couldnt get free proxy set up and going, may try that one again yet dont know

i will look into imfirewall, now, as i can see though i should have to mirror the port for the sortware to work?
take we bit of time and read the help with free proxy its really useful tool, and will allow you to restrict access per user / group to certain web sites etc  as well as to certain times of the day, i use it for apporox 80 people and it never fails!

you will need to amend each users pc to point to the server/pc that the proxy software is running on  


the thing is what i find with them all, is they only give the domain name the users are going on, i want more detail than that,

you see we allow some domains to be viewed, like but only certain articles can be work related, im trying to find out what there clicking on within the domain so for example


then i can say oh ive seen you on workrelatednew but why you going on mangetsbitbydog, how is that work related etc etc

anyone know how i can do this?


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