Crystal Reports Slow to print MS-SQL 2005

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We are experiencing slow printing from Crystal reports, running an ERP application that use the Crystal X1 printing engine. The client workstations has a local Crystal Engine installed on them and then connects to the server which transmits the report results to the X3 Workstations. After printing the 1st time the consequent documents prints fine, other than installing SP3 for MS SQL 2005 in trying to optimise the printing, any suggestions on resolving this issue.

We know the following about this issue:-
The first time you print, Crystal will be opening a database connection and if the report is quite complex with linking lots of tables then it also has to calculate the best way to access the data using database statistics.  Subsequent prints will benefit from having the database already open and the query optimizer will already have plans in memory for producing the reports.  Also the first time you print extra memory will need to be found and if memory is not readily available then the operating system will need to do some work.

Thank you in advance for your input.
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This question has been asked many times.  No real good solution has ever been provided.

Crystal has a lot of dlls to load when it builds a report.



Granted it seems to be Crystal Reports issue and the method it uses to print its reports for the 1st time. MS-SQL also plays a roll when reports are generated because Crystal requires the Data from SQL to generate its reports.

I still think it would have been beneficial to understand how to optimise Crystal to print its reports quicker for the 1st time. Nough said the issue is closefd

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