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Abiel de Groot
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Hi All,

I have been developing in Classic ASP for years. I am finally taking the plunge and have downloaded Visual Web Developer express. I am finding my way around and have selected to use VB as opposed to C#.

I have many questions and aim to ask them all& one at a time!

This is Question 3

I have always used arrays both multidimensional and single, using the Getrows() method. I would get my data close the connections and work with the arrays.

Can I still do this in
Are there better options?

Any ideas?

Kind regards

Abiel M de Groot Sanders
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I would recommend looking in to using ADO.NET. It is very simple to create a DataAdapter and loda all of you data in to a datatable or dataset.
PS: you can think of datatables as disconnected record sets.
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It is not easy to explain here since it is a vast topic.
You should look into ADO.NET /VB.NET.
I would suggest you to get a good book on ASP.NET with VB.NET for begineers and that will contain the DataAccessing chapters.
In case if you want to google you can try DataSet, SqlDataAdapter, SqlDataReader with VB.NET
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well, i got thougt the same path as you last summer.
Also, i would repeat what Guru_sami tould you, he is right
I may sugess to throw away all the array in flavor of using the power of the sql commands and SQL server. That thing is really powerfull when it came to deals winth search/optimisation, so why dont use that power.
you could also look here, it is how i learn at first... 
FYI: ADO.NET comes with many different data source implementations and there are plenty more available on the net. We should not not assume that every one is using SQL Server as datasource.
David RobitailleAnalyst Programmer
well, my point is to use a "Database Management System" instead of array to do the job.... There is no need to reinvent the wheel and, Most of times, it`s more efficient ( with maybe an exception for thing like Access).

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