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This is essentially a javascript question but within a context of Sharepoint and ASP.Net

I need to store multiple files on the server via an upload utility.

I have just one <input type="file"> tag. When another file is selected, I store the the location on the local computer in a hidden field.

Now, how do I store the files to the actual server, given just the "path" address?

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The <input type="file"> tag will send the actual file to the server as part of a form post.  Most serverside languages will be able to properly handle forms with enctype="multipart/form-data".  You should not need to worry about sending the paths to the server, the browser will send the actual file as binary.


TheFoot touched on this, but the real answer is that if you have to store the files themselves. Just storing the path is not sufficient as this creates a security hole. To save files in SharePoint, look at the FORM.js file in the 12 hive.

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