How do I fill PDF template with data from database in ASP.NET C#? (500 Pts)

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I am aware of commercial programs which help insert data into fillable PDFs like websupergoo,etc.

I would like to know if there are any free utilities /dlls which help in pdf generation in ASP.NET C#.

I need to fill existing PDF template with data. Because the PDF template contains lot of tables, it is not possible to try re-create this PDF template using any dlls.
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Of course yes, try iTextSharp


Thanks for this.

I read there about "filling in the form and flatten it". Any idea what does it mean to "flatten" the form?

The process of transforming an interactive PDF document to a non-interactive PDF document is called flattening. One of the ways to flatten a PDF is by calling this.flattenPages() from the Javascript debugger window.

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