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I have a user that send a meeting request on July 8th and updated the meeting on July 16th.  He is receiving multiple appointment emails for this one appointment and they all state:

"This Request is out of date"

Nobody is changing the appointment and he is the only receiving the messages multiple times.  Does anyone one have any idea why this is happening and how I can stop it?
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Calender issues are the worst in my book, i'm not too sure that there is a favoured way of resolving this issue either, i would however create the .ost so all the calender info is downloaded and updated agin from exchange.
I think this would be the best means of resolving this as i don't think there is even a switch that would help.




I recreated his Outlook profile and that did not resolve the issue.  He is currently not working cached mode, so it is my understanding that he does not have an OST am I wrong?
Try running these outlook switches but make sure outlook is closed prior to doing so:-

outlook /cleanreminders


outlook /cleansniff

I hope this helps.


To round off as i now need to go, adding the same updates into OUTLOOK will spring up with that error, its a known feature and to the best of my knowledge there is no "FIX".
If the meeting is updated with the correct information i'd simply just delete the out of date meeting updates.


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