Acer AL1912 monitor Apple compatible?

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Hi - I have an Acer AL1912 TFT monitor.  I've been using it with my PC.
I'm now upgrading to Apple computers.  Anyone know if this Acer screen is compatible?  Or if it could be made to be compatible?
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There is no reason it shouldn't be compatible. Most Macs have DVI or HDMI ports for video rather than RGB, but if your monitor does not have a compatible port, you can get adapters from any Apple Store or by mail order.


Thanks Strung.  What about drivers etc.  is it possible there might be no Apple drivers for it?  Could that be an issue?
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There are no drivers required for Monitors(Mac OS and Windows) for usage.  However, if you are going to be doing graphic design, get a display that can be calibrated via software on the computer.

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