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We recently changed out our point to point lines between our offices with MPLS Circuits.

We had a problem with one of the lines yesterday which degraded our speed. We called the vendor and they explained that for an additional fee they can have managed services monitor the line and notify us of any time any circuit is down. We are not sure if we want to pay for the managed services at this time.

I periodically run speed tests from my computer to the internet to check our internet connection.

Is there a utility or software that i can run to test the speed between two computers ?

In this case i would be running the test between a computer in our main office and a computer in a remote office.

A simple ping tells me how many millseconds the ping takes but I'm looking for something more detailed and maybe checks transmission in both directions

We do not have access to the MPLS routers, only the vendor can access the routers

Any help is appreciated
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I used this program at my old company, testing speeds over an ISDN line connecting our office to our warehouse, worked pretty well.  (Costs $30)



Exactly what i was looking for
Thank you

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