Office Suites:  Market Share, who is using what ?

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I am going to be posting three questions in regards to, People are using what Office Suites.  I have been asking to gather up information that would support using MS Office 2003.  So any legit information that is biased towards that goal, is fine with me.

This first question is this:

Does any one know of any websites that have information regarding the Market Share of each Office Suite.  MS Office 2007, 2003,  Corel Office Suite, OpenOffice by Sun.  I'm sure there are others out there.  Last I checked (which was a little while ago), Office 07, had only a 7% market share.  But that number was never substantiated.  I need some kind of info on the net that would show what percentage of people are using which Office Suites.  IF the info was further broken down to show by schools, colleges, homes, business, would be fantastic.

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Lots of info online by searching for office market share:

Wikipedia ( "According to Forrester Research, as of June 2009, some version of Microsoft Office is used in 80% of enterprises and the latest Office versions hold roughly 80% of those installations."

PC World ( "Eighty percent of enterprise customers are still using some version of Microsoft Office for worker productivity and collaboration, with only 8 percent using alternatives, which include Sun StarOffice, Google Premier Apps, Lotus Symphony and Zoho, according to the report by Forrester analyst Sheri McLeish."

Open Office market share analysis (

BusinessWeek ( "The ubiquitous suite of software programs has a 95% market share and 400 million copies in use."

Hi FirstDownMage,

Have a look at Microsoft Office Market Share by Version - 2008 Data

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