Photoshop: Feather inside of ellipse

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I want to create an ellipse with Photoshop.  The ellipse should be solid in the middle but should be transparent on the edges.  And it should be feathered so there is more alpha transparency near the edges than in the middle.

How can I do this?
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ok first press on the eclipse selection
then in the top toolbar change the feather to the desired nr. of pixels
make a elipse selection
fill that with the color that you want

mod 2 - if you do not have a top toolbar with feather (i do not know wat version of photosop you have)
make a elipse selection
go to select > modify >feather and change the feather to the desired nr. of pixels
fill that with the color that you want

i hope this helps


Thanks, racmail2001, but your ideas place the feather on the OUTSIDE of my selection.  I need the feather on the INSIDE of my selection.  I am using PS 11.
i made a simulation from my description - the red cercle is the selection that i made and the black elipse is the result

if you need something else please provide a sample
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i think you are mislead because when you have the feather set your selection look smaller than it actualy is.

so first try to press on the selection tool, set the feather to 0 make the desired selection - go and change the feather and now fill the selection

hope it helps


As you can see in my image, some red is going outside of the selected area.  What might I be doing wrong?
try to invert your selection ctrl+shift+i change the feather to 2px and press delete - i think like this for shure it will stay like your initial selection

i do not know a different solution to this problem
With the ellips selected use filter-->blur-->gaussian blur. Set it to whatever you need for the desired effect.

The blur will only affect what's inside of the selection. A single gaussian blur inside of a selection will leave you with hard edges, as the blur will go beyond the selection (but all that changes is what is inside of the selection). A way to get softer edges is to use several gaussian blurs that get incrementally smaller. (like a 60px radius, then 40, 30, 20, 10, 5)
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try a radial gradient inside your selection.
I know what you are talking about and trying to do. The feather always seems to go further than you think.
1) Create a new image with a transparent background
2) Create a new layer
3) Create an oval selection - save it
4) fill it with color
5) create a new layer
6) load your selection
7) contract your selection by 8 pixels (go to Select > Modify > Contract)
8) now feather it by 16 pixels
9) fill the selection with a different color and compare it to the previous oval.
I do something like this, and then go back and play with the distance I contract and feather the edge until I get the amount I want. It's sometimes time consuming but I haven't found a clear mathematical relationship between the contracting and the feathering amount that works.

note: I meant I THINK I know what you are trying to do, and I think there are some other good ideas presented too.

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