Some Visual C++ questions

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I have a few questions re: C++.NET and would appreciate some help.
This is because I need to choose a technology which will be used to build a small app which can be easilly copied with minimal installation overhead, for users with limited skills and to be run on the maximum possible range of Windows versions.
I was looking at older versions of MSVC but am just wondering about this version.
As much info as possible would be appreciated.

1. Can it be used to build a single exe with no additional dependent files?
2. Do compiled exe's rely on the .NET framework or can it be used to build independent apps?

Thanks for the help
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Short answer yes, it also depends what you are trying to build.
best bet is to use MSVC 6.0 in my opinion, its the most stable and widely used version.
not dependant on .Net, no managed code, no depdencies what so ever,
even if you have to use some external stuff, you can always statically link those in the form of LIB files into your main exe...
and code is fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!
AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant
1) No - a .net based application will be a single exe BUT requiring numbers of microsoft dll's to be redistributed.  see 2)
2) A .net application REQUIRES the .net framework to be installed on the client PC.  You can howevr distribute it royalty free (providing you have a suitable Microsoft development environment to allow you to do that).

For a really minimal distribution cost I would recommend an MFC based app (part of visual studio but NOT .net based).  You can specify that it is even built with the required parts of MFC linked into the exe - so you only need to distribute one exe and it should run on windows with no other requirements.  (unless you specifically include some third party components that is).


Thanks guys - that's what I needed to know.
I was going to go for MSVC 6 before I thought of .NET, and I think it will in fact be the best option.
Just need to learn it now :$
AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant

ps. VS2008 includes MFC as does 2005, 2003 and 2002 - no need to go right back to MSVC6

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