What determines the max connections on red5/fms server

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What determines the max connections on a dedicated red5/fms server ? Is it a limit of the hardware or software ?

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It depends on the version of FMS you're using.  If you're using FMS 3 or above, there's no license limit to the number of connections.  If you're using version 2, there's a definite limit imposed by the licensing.  There are no software / license imposed limits for Red5 in any version.

As far as the hardware goes, of course there will be limits to what it can handle. But if you're using 2 Quad Core Intel Xeon processors with at least 4GB RAM, you can have a lot of viewers ( perhaps 1000 + ) depending of course, on the quality of stream you're putting out.  The lower the bit rate, the more users you can handle.

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