How to stop images showing for split second with Mootools/Mooflow?

Dean OBrien
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Im looking for some advise with regards the Mootools / Mooflow tool. I have constructed a naviagation type page that utilises the above:

(Only this path is populated: Womenswear -> Skirts -> xxx)

The problem im having is when i change between pages, The images flash up in there raw form (prior to being loaded into the carousel) outside of the mooflow.  I thought the problem would go away if the images were cached, but this doesnt help. My only other thoughts are to somehow sift through the included libraries and remove all that is not relevant to reduce the file sizes?

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to avoid this.

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To be honest I could not see the problem that you describe ( I tried firefox and chrome). But if you encounter what you saying - just make sure that you adding images into visibility:hidden   element on page. This trick should help you get over this problem with flickering images.
Sorry for delayed response, to try and resolve this, I have added a 100% width/height black div that masks everything for first xx secs, then is removed. Not ideal, but seems to work for now.
Cheers for looking

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