Enter Button doesn't work and space clear text !!

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hi guys ..
i have a so much bothering problem .. while i write the code of my program in Delphi7 sometimes i forget something so i come up and rewrite this line again but when i hit enter button it doesn't move the lines down it just move the courser down without the lines and when i try to add a code lines or a letter between two letters i can't because if i tried to type one letter it clear on because there is no removing !! ..

what can i do ?
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Press INSERT keyboard button

You should not be a programmer ;) You don't know computers :)


i worked with VB for a long while and this never happened to me !!

I know. I also had this problem a few times in Delphi before I figured it out :D
I don't now for sure but I think the VB IDE doesn't hav ethe ability to switch between OVERWRITE and INSERT mode.

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