Network time on all PC's and servers are sync'ed but 15 min off

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We have a Windows 2003 server network with and exchage server, SQL server, Domain Controller, and a web server.  All our servers and workstations are synced up with the same time but the time is off by 15 min.  Anytime I change the time on a workstation, it eventually goes back to the incorrect time.  When I change the time on the servers, and I tried all the servers, the time eventually goes back to the incorrect time.  I know there is a way to fix this but my brain has been "off" this week.
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On your Domain Controller, follow the steps listed on this article:

I would suggest using an external site, we use a standard pool server...not guarenteed 100% accurate, but close enough for us.


I went through the article and got stuck when I didnt know what the following meant:
"Note Peers is a placeholder for a space-delimited list of peers from which your computer obtains time stamps. Each DNS name that is listed must be unique. You must append ,0x1 to the end of each DNS name. If you do not append ,0x1 to the end of each DNS name, the changes made in step 5 will not take effect."

When I searched that message I came to another Expert Exchange question. 

From there I tired seting the clock with the command on my domain server: Net Time / and I got a message that the command completed successfully but the clock didnt change.  I tried a few different external time servers but nothing works.

Change this registry entry to make one of your Win2K systems into an SNTP server.

In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32 Time\Parameters, find the REG_DWORD subkey called LocalNTP. Change the subkey value from 0 to 1.

Restart the Windows Time Service. You're now the proud owner of a SNTP server.

Now, point your other machines to that server

C:\> net time /setsntp:<server name>

fast and simple

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