Internet Explorer 7 - Slow for additional user (2nd user profile)

angiejazz used Ask the Experts™

Brand new machine, Vista home edition.
User number 1 profile - no problem
User number 2 profile - very slow using IE7 - have cleared all caches for cookies, browsing history etc?

H-e-l-p please?
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It may be an add-on or browser helper object, try this:

Start menu >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)


Hi, will this stop pages certain type of pages loading (ones with flash etc?)

This will disable all plugins and add-ons, including flash (just temporarily though).  If doing this makes it work faster, then you know that the issues is an add-on.  If it doesn't then you have a different problem.
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Is the user #2 profile always the #2 profile...  I mean we're not talking about the 2nd user to log on via fast-user switching?  
Any chance that the stagnant user #1 is the Vista hidden admin account?  Easy to check - run this for each -
START | Run | cmd | type whoami /user  -- look to the right-end of the screen.  What are the last 4 digits?  -1000, -10xx, -500,  or -50x ?
Please run HiJackThis under each account.  Save the TEXT file and attach each to your next post, please. Download the HJT EXE file to desktop; RIGHT-click on HJT desktop icon, select 'run as admin'
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angiejazz--Does the slow user have IE set up with a third party toolbar, like Google Toolbar, etc?  If so, uninstall it.


Sorry for the delay, was waiting for the user to revert back.

The main user is an Admin account, and there are two further users who are Admins (including the user having slow IE)

Did disabling add-ons help?
Hi, thanks to all replies and apologiesfor the delay - i was waiting info from the user.
Disabling add-ons didn't help, nor did various other hints and tips.
The user installed firefox instead ;-)



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