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I have an Adobe Acrobat install group in AD with a group policy to install the application to the members of that group.  I am moving my Adobe install files and scripts to a different server.  In the group policy I will have to change the Adobe .mst path to the new server location.

My concern is that this may reinstall Adobe for everyone in the group. I'm not exactly sure how AD Group Policies verify installations.  If it sees a new install path will it try and reinstall to everyone? Or can I change this at will. Thanks
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Use Migration Table Editor to change the value of the source files.  It won't redeploy - at least it didn't for the many I have done.

You are going to run into a problem with Adobe if you install from a remote location.

When installing, it appends the source computer as the host, as sort of a go-to computer for running the application.

 If you take that computer off line, the computers that have adobe installed will seek out that host computer that no longer exists, and Adobe will time out.

WINZIP does the exact same thing.

Read the followup comments on this article about WINZIP, same applies to Adobe:

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