Remote Web Workplace and ActiveX error in MAC

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"This portion of the Remote Web Workplace requires the Microsoft Remote Desktop ActiveX Control. Your browser's security settings may be preventing you from downloading ActiveX controls. Adjust these settings, and try to connect again."

In Windows PC, I could do the following:

In IE7, Tools > Internet Options> Programs> Manage add-ons. Look for 'Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control (redist)' and make sure is set to 'Enabled'.

But I have a MAC laptop; can you please help me where/what the settings will be in MAC.

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Brian HarringtonIT Manager
It only works in Internet Explorer in windows.  There is no cross browser / platform support.  Sorry!
Nat WallisTechnical Services Manager
it only works in a windows environment as I had a customer with the same issue. the only way to get it to work is run a virtual machine (parallels we used) t get it to work


can you please tell more about running a virtual machine on the MACbook. What is required hardware/software for that?

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I would love to be of more assistance but I am pretty much a MAC noobie. They actually had parallels installed so just had to test and tweak a few settings.

Check out

This will give you all the information and there is very good documentation on the site for the setup as well.

There is a free trial version you can use as well.
You have several options. If you have a direct IP connection to the computer you are trying to control, you can use the Windows RDC client for Mac:  This will let you connect directly to the target computer with using RWW. Ask your IT person whether you have a direct RDC connection

Otherwise, assuming you have an Intel chip Mac and not one of the older PPC chip Macs, your only alternative is to run Windows on the Mac. For this, you will need a legal copy of a Windows OS. You can run it without further expense using the Mac's built-in boot camp, but this will require you to log out of the Mac OS and reboot into Windows which is a pain in the butt.

Your other alternative is to install Windows in a virtual machine which will allow you to run Windows inside a window in a Mac. I prefer VMWare Fusion, which is not expensive:

but a free alternative is Virtual Box:

See also:
P.S., you can also use RDC through a VPN from a Mac.
One other option worth trying, that lets you run IE 5 through 8 without Windows at all.....cheaper and much less to maintain: Crossover.

30 day demo.  Pretty easy to setup and runs IE OK.  Not as smooth as IE in a VM, but worth a look.  This is a new release for IE 7 and 8, and should get better with time.  

IE 6 is runs smoother, more stable, if that will suffice for your needs:

I used to use that when we had SBS2003, but it wouldn't work with SBS2008.


Commented: seems to the most appealing because it does not involve buying windows.

I will have the mac tomorrow, so I can test this.

So, do I understand correctly that these options: vmware,virtualbox,winintelmac all needs legal windows XP Pro to work?

VPN, Direct IP are not available options now.

Sounds right.

Hate to have to buy, install, and maintain a whole second OS, which makes Crossover very appealing.  It is less robust, and can be a bit quirky, but you have to balance that against the time, expense and frustration of running the full Win OS.

Thankfully their 30 day demo lets you really test it before committing to anything.
Crossovers is definitely worth a try. I used it quite successfully for RWW when we had an SBS2003 server, but as I say, switching to SBS2008 broke it. Since then they have come up with a newer version of Crossovers. Perhaps it will work.
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Have a look at this link here describing how to connect to RWW on a MAC is this what you are trying to do?
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Also have a look here:

please note the mention of a "trusted certificate" if you have a self signed certificate you will run into problems.

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