Downgraded from vista to XP Pro?

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Can Gateway ML6022j be downgraded from vista to XP Pro in either its pre-installed Japanese OS or can I just install English & Japanese XP Pro on separate partitions & keep the Vista OS? & whats the best & easiest method? I know drivers may be an issue, do Gateway support XP Pro drivers? A link to XP Pro drivers would be nice, thanks in advance.
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instead installing 2 os, suggest to install English os w/ add-on language; thus, easier to install drivers found here¶m=1015682R
Thanks  yfastud:
But I am Japanese thus need dual boot OS..English & Japanese XP Pro.
Everyone knows Vista is ME:2, thus only a paper weight / boat anchor.
Also Japanese OS is superior to English OS for Asian Languages.
He he... he he... ;)

I know very little Japanese when working for Fujifilm awhile ago, so really not sure if it's different because I've setup a lot of pc for Chinese community, then setup add-on languages which include Chinese language and most of these Chinese people don't even know an English word ;)

Anyway, your listed model is special made for Japan/Japanese and the link I've provided is exclusive drivers for your laptop and you should not have problem to install those drivers on Japanese OS ;)

To install dual OS, you should setup 2 partitions before installation, and install each OS on 1 partition. If using Vista, the job is a little more easier because it auto create a multi OS boot when install the second OS. After install both XP OS, you need to use a program to setup multi boot screen for you. Since I'm using Acronis which is not free, if you like to get the free program, you should google for it
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Done, I will now go & buy it @ Yen 30,000 new, its a one time only sale & too cheap to miss out on.
I have set up over 30 dual boot computers but heard that some of the new Vista models dont support XP.
Then I will see if the drivers work, & if so, you get the points.
Sorry for delay...someone turned off the sun, so I had to go see it.
Next time is 26 yrs later & I will be  ???, by then.
I got my new PC only to find it broken on delivery, so to say sorry they gave me the newest model at the same price.
Are the driver the same?
I should be doing this myself (see my profile & you will understand)... but I have never asked a question & think that I should give some points to others + I am getting lazy, or too too much beer is distracting me lately.

I have had no reply, so I contacted Gateway direct, only to be told that they dont support dual boot...thus no driver support fof XP.????
I have to go away for a month, thus cannot look into this now.
I will try: Uniblue / driver scanner, to locate drivers when I get back.

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