Disable Warning window prompt When changing file extension in windows

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This qestion has been asked before.  I am running it to see if anyone can answer it.
And besides I would like to disable the warning my self..
This Box has popped up For years. I a  sure you have seen it.  How do I disable it?

I read an answer from MS that stated it would work. But at the end of the blog it is concluded it will not work. So plese no link to that blog is needed.
And No DOS comands. Please
"That caution warning comes from the shell32.dll

If you unregister that *.dll it's going to be a world of hurt so it just isn't worth it...your stuck with the warning."  FROM:http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/Windows/XP/Q_21331200.html
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Have you looked at ResHacker to modify the shell32.dll?
Resource Hacker 3.4.0 Download
Havent tried it for this message, but I will play with it tomorrow some....


Well, I have searched and posted this question for the third time. And I will say you have been the pnly one with a suggestion wort a tihs.  I used REHack years ago.. I played w/ it some a bit  ago . Found the warning. Changed the text. Then windown fixed it,
So I'll play some more later.  I think PEBuilder might do it.???


Just thought I add this solution . I mean JOKE. Yes I found this as a "Solution" on the net LOL..

The solution to this trouble is also very simple, lets see how we can fix it.

Method 1 :
The simplest way to fix such issue is to make the file extensions hidden. When you do that, windows will take care that the file extensions are not changed while renaming the file. To make the file extensions hidden, follow the below steps:
1. Open My Computer, go to Tools > Folder Options > View
2. Check the option Hide extensions for know file types.
3. Click Apply and OK.As seen in image below.
Method 2 :
Always provide the extension to the file explicitly as it was previously. For example if you want to rename a zip file from old name file1 to new name file2, make sure you rename the file from file1.zip to file2.zip. This means you have to type the extension manually.
We hope this helps to understand why the warning got flashed.
Now if I did that how could I rename them? Via RT CLICK
3. ANd May I add My Personal Method that goes with the two Above?
Just run DOS all the time...... Then you won't get the warning..........??????


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"Changed the text. Then windown fixed it,"
Whaddya mean Windows fixed it, System File Checker replaced it with a known good copy?
If so, when you replace teh file with teh one you ResHacked, make sure to replace the one in System32\DLLCache as well....


I have changed the Prompt to say "Useless Warning, I'll bug you forever"
But can not get rid of the Prompt.
BUMP  ANy one.......

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