Bluetooth is disbaled in HP mini

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Hello I had hp laptop mini 1030NR
the bluetooth was working but since one month, it stopped working
if I go to device manager, I can find the bluetooth bus Enumerator  only!!!
I am running XP Home Edition
how I can fix this?
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It looks like the 1030NR doesn't come with internal bluetooth.  The 1035NR does, however.  HP could have been more careful when coming up with the OS settings for the 1030NR.

Sorry to bring bad news.  How long ago did you get it?

Are you sure that bluetooth was working? 1030NR doesn't have bluetooth, 1035NR has it.
You have bus enumerator because it's a part of standart software install.

1) If your laptop has manual bluetooth switch makes sure it's in ON position.

2) Uninstall all devices pertaining to bluetooth from device manager

3) In control panel click on "add hardware" and follow the prompts to find and install your hardware.

If that doesn't work, to rule out problems with Windows XP itself you can try booting your laptop off Linux live cd like Ubuntu to see if it detects your bluetooth.

Also, make sure the other bluetooth device you're testing with is working properly.


in the wireless manager that is near the clock in the taskbar
it notifies me that the Wireless is enabled & running
while it tells me that the bluetooth is disabled .....

Go to control panel, see if there's a bluetooth icon. There should be a setting there to turn discovery on.

also, see if there's bluetooth device under network adapters in device manager

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