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I have a dos application that prints to LPT1.

Have a new computer that I need to run this application on.
I have sucessfully setup the hard drive with dos and the application and they work fine.

The trouble I am having is that the PCIe LPT card I put into the computer is not being recogized by dos.
I am testing by:  dir > lpt1

I do not want to run this throug windows, I need it to run in pure dos.
Windows recognizes the LPT port as LPT3. and prints fine.

In dos I tried: dir >lpt3 but that did not work either.

Any thoughts?

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Try looking in the pc bios.  set it to the most basic settings, might be on ECP or similar at the moment and sometimes you can choose the port directly (i.e. lpt1/2/3) or the actual internal port no. in there.  DOS programs expect it to be on 378 using iRQ 7 or 278 and iRQ5 normally for lpt1 and lpt2 (afai remember, has bee MANY years!).

or possibl as it's a pci card you might have to / be abel to configure it in a util that came with it?


I cannot see the LPT card in the Bios, I already checked.
There is a possilbility that this card is not dos compatibile, I am checking into this now.
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fair enough.  Quite a lot aren't.  If it doesn't give you the option of setting port/irq through a utility prog or whatever it's probably no good.

When you say it is dos... do you mean cmd.exe prompt or dos btw?  If it id cmd.exe prompt then you can probably change what it appears as in the device manager settings if it is plug and play and then print to the correct port.
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In the famous, early days of DOS, LPT/COM extension cards had jumpers to set IRQ and I/O address. PCIe (PCI Express) cards will not have such a thing anymore. I don't think you will succeed in getting DOS support with that card. However, there are even USB drivers for DOS, so - who knows?

Fair enough.  good luck in finding one that works!

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