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I am new to a company that has a Cisco IP Phone system using call manager. I need to setup an extra extension in one of the new offices. I have been in Call manager and poked around but I have never actually setup an extra extension before. Is there a way in call manager that I can copy an existing extension and make some minor modifications to add the extension or do I need to set each one up individually? I am a IT manager but have liitle experience with VOIP phone systems.
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Ken BooneNetwork Consultant

So basically what you need to do is look at an existing phone and look at its parameters.  Then add a phone, you will need to enter the MAC address of the phone, and then copy all of the prior parameters.  Then it will ask you if you want to created a Directory Number for the new phone.  The Directory Number is the actual extension.  So create the extension by entering in the new extension number in the Directory Number field, and then mimic the definitions that were in the other phones DN.  Som e of the things that will change with the new DN would be caller name, alerting name, etc.. that would be specific to the person you are setting the phone up for.

You have to remember, there is the phone, and then there is the directory number.  They are separate entities.  The extension simply belongs to a particular phone.
  • go to Device>phone
  • add new
  • select the phone type(7945 in this case), then press next.
  • Select the device protocol(SCCP), then press next.
  • fill the mandatory fields
    • MAC Address you can find it on the back of the phone.
    • Device pool.
    • Phone Button Template
    • Common Phone Profile
    • Device Security Profile
    • leave every thing as they are.
  • you will have this message "click on the reset phone button to have the changes take affect" press OK.
  • on the left hand side you will have "Line [1] - Add a new DN" press it.
  • also fill the mandatory fields
    • Directory Number(extension number)
    • save it
with these steps you will have a phone registered with your call manager.  

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