Active Directory Computer deleted from Active Directory, now cant log int

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I deleted several machines from active directory that I thought were out of service...turns out I was wrong...I restored the computers using quest active directory restore...enabled the computers from active directory...rebooted the active directory server...I still get the error that the machine cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailble, or because your computer account cannot be found.  I did this to myself  but I need to fix it...also I cant log into the machines using the local account...these are old machines and before my time,
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Did you do an authoritative or non-autoritative restore?  Since the objects were deleted, you would need to have done an authoritative restore.
The best way would be to reset the local admin password on those machines so you can log in. Then I would put the machine in a temporary workgroup then add it back to the domain.
Here's a list of tools to reset password:
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There is only one way to restablish the trust with the domain - that is to log on as the local admin, remove the computer from the domain and then add it back in again. If you don't have the local admin password then use a tool such as
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As great as these AD tools are sometimes its easier to remove the system from the domain and re-add it. Its a lot faster than trying to make some other tools work.

I assume you can't log in locally because you don't know the password? If that is the case, I would use a password hacking tool such as EBCD to get the local admin password and get on to the system so you can remove it from the domain.

More info on forgotten passwords here:


thanks I used the Windows Password reset utility all is good
thanks for the speedy replies
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LOL, I guess some of us have to learn to type faster.

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