ASP Upload 500 Error when uploading files over ~65MB

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I am demo'ing a few file uploaders on a server. They all work great until I try to upload a file greater than around 65MB or so. 60MB files upload fine. 70MB files fail with a 500 error. The scripts are all based in classic ASP running in IIS 6. Two have flash front ends and a third is a java applet.

I the metabase.xml file, I have set the following 2 variables:

I am also uploading via the local server so I am pretty sure it's not a timeout issue. Has anyone ever seen this before and can possibly recommend a solution?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I think 1 GB is the maximum, so try to set it to:

Here is a Microsoft article about that:

Do you have any ISAPI filters configured in IIS that might be catching the large download? I ran into that a while back.

Also, some more informative error messages may help us to understand the problem. 
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Thanks for the help. I finally found it in case anyone runs into the same problem. The files were being saved to a different drive in which IUSR_SERVERNAME had a disk quota set to 10mb. The account reached its quota and was not able to create more folders or upload files. I increased the quota and the problem went away.

I did this by right-clicking the drive, selecting properties, navigating to the quota tab, and clicking the "quota entries" button. There were a bunch of windows accounts listed in there, including IUSR_SERVERNAME. I right clicked the user and selected properties. From that interface, you can either set the user's quota to unlimited or a defined amount.

Excellent. Thanks for coming back and posting your solution.

You should ask an admin to close this out and return points, as you found the solution yourself. :)
Hi, great, thanks for posting your solution, return points.

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